The Rectory Field

Primary home ground since 1886: Blackheath 1st, 2nd and Sunday XIs, Junior teams U13, U15 & U21. Training, coaching and nets.

Address: Charlton Road, Blackheath, London SE3 7EY. 020 8858 1578 Parking on site. No Dogs.

The Academy Cricket Ground

Home to Blackheath 3rd & 4th teams since 2013

Address: The RMA, Woolwich Common, Woolwich, London SE18 4AS
Ground & pavilion in sited at The Academy, Woolwich. The entrance to the ground is via the players gate on Woolwich Road. There is no parking or vehicle access on the site.

Charlton Park Oval

Home to Blackheath 5th & 7th teams since 2012

Address: Charlton Park, Charlton Road, Charlton, London SE7 8RE

The ground is behind Charlton House. The Pavlion / Changing is in the white single story building. Teas are taken in the café in the park. Parking is on Canberra Road

Gresham Athletic Sports Ground (Sozo)

Home to Blackheath 6th XI since 2012

Address: 33 Eltham Road, Lee Green, London SE12 8EU

The ground is located behind the Lea Green fire station. The entrance is via small road between two properties on Eltham Road just by Hamlea Close. Look out for a red brick wall with metal gates. There is parking on site.

Collfe’s Prep and Junior School

Home to Blackheath U11 teams since 2013

Address: Upwood Road, Lee, London, SE12 8AW

There is parking on site